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Valentine’s Week 2019: Interesting Facts You Must know About

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Valentine’s Week 2019: Interesting facts you probably did not know about.

Valentine’s Week 2019: Interesting facts

Valentine’s Week 2019: Interesting facts

Valentine’s Week 2019

The month of Feb is about celebrating your love with your near and dear ones, and there’s a charm associated with this time of the year. Many restaurants and café, develop with special menus, the markets have been decked out with cards, teddy bears, chocolates, and wineries gear up for busy times ahead. Valentine’s Day is definitely the perfect opportunity to express your love but never asked about the history and significance of.

Valentine’s Day why is it known as?

There are lots of stories associated with the day, but the most well-known one is of Saint Valentine of Rome. It’s believed that he was imprisoned for acting wedding of soldiers who were forbidden to wed. He gave these couples flowers from his garden and that is probably the reason flowers play such a huge role this afternoon. This didn’t please the emperor, and he was beheaded on Feb 14, 269 AD. It’s believed that Saint Valentine restored the view of his judge’s daughter during his imprisonment and wrote her a letter like your Valentine before his execution.

By fourteenth century onwards. The afternoon became associated with romantic love from the fourteenth century in the circle of English poet and author George Chaucer. From the eighteenth century, lovers in England had started exchanging blossoms, confectionary items and cards to share their love. A century later, the written cards have been replaced by mass-produced greeting cards. Saint Valentine’s secrets. The concept of Saint Valentine’s secrets is famous in Europe. Interestingly, individuals give them to their lovers as a romantic symbol and also an invitation to unlock the giver’s heart.

Valentine’s Day, also known as Saint Valentine’s Day

In addition, these keys can also be given to kids to fight against epilepsy, also known as Saint Valentine’s Malady. In some portions of Europe, Valentine’s Day, also known as Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine is celebrated on July 6 and July 30.

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